How It Works

What exactly does Realty Mentors offer you as a client and how does Realty Mentors deliver?

Realty Mentors will review and analyze any commercial real estate investment opportunity for which you seek advice. After reviewing and analyzing all relevant investment offering documents, Realty Mentors will generate a comprehensive 3-5 page Analysis Report on the subject offering. This report will typically include the following:

  • A table which summarizes all relevant property data
  • A table which summarizes all relevant investment terms and fee structures
  • A Sources and Uses illustration which specifies how the subject project is being financed and how dollars will be allocated
  • A summary of investment strengths
  • A summary of investment weaknesses along with potential mitigants for such weaknesses
  • Overall recommendations through the eyes of Realty Mentors

Realty Mentors does not direct you to invest in or pass on a given opportunity. Realty Mentors provides you with the expert guidance necessary to make an informed decision as to what is best for you as an individual. Realty Mentor clients are able to invest with confidence knowing they have an expert in their corner providing them with the perspective only years of industry experience can impart.

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What does Realty Mentors charge for their Analysis Reports?

Realty Mentors Analysis Reports typically range in value between $500 and $800, depending on the nature and scope of the investment offering being analyzed. As an incentive to explore the value Realty Mentors can deliver, report fees for first-time clients start at $200. All fees are stated and known PRIOR to formally engaging Realty Mentors to analyze a given offering.


When and how are Analysis Reports delivered?

Realty Mentors will make all best efforts to complete their work and deliver their analysis as quickly as possible. Typically, this can be completed within two to three business days. If more time is required, this will be disclosed prior to formally engaging Realty Mentors.

All reports are delivered via email.

The chart below illustrates how the process works and how information typically flows when working with Realty Mentors. 

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