Our Story

Our Roots

While Realty Mentors was founded in 2017, the company’s story actually starts back in 1991 with the founding of a company called CreditVest. CreditVest has served as a commercial real estate consultant to both the US government and large institutional lenders of all sorts including the big banks. What does that mean? Basically, these organizations hire CreditVest to do all the detailed heavy lifting behind the scenes to ensure that as lenders, they know everything they need to know regarding the loans they are funding. CreditVest digs into all the finer details of a lender’s transaction before funding to find any hidden issues or risks. Further, CreditVest often generates the loan packages that these lenders use to present to loan committees for funding approval.

Since the company’s inception, the owners and employees of CreditVest have witnessed and participated in multiple real estate cycles. CreditVest has worked on commercial real estate transactions all over the United States in all property types. They have been hired to consult on transactions ranging in size from $1 million up to $2 billion. CreditVest has earned a reputation in the lending community as one of the most trusted, proficient and sophisticated due diligence providers available.

  • CreditVest’s current clients include 2 of the 5 largest banks in the United States, as well as United States government-sponsored enterprises and departments.
  • In 2016 and 2017 alone, CreditVest underwrote over 200 newly originated private sector transactions which included over 500 properties. These transactions totaled over $7 Billion in commercial real estate financing.
  • During the same time period, CreditVest reviewed or underwrote more than 2,500 commercial real estate loans on behalf of various organizations affiliated with the United States government.

Want to know more about CreditVest? Feel free to browse the CreditVest website at www.creditvest.com.

Some of the world’s largest banks trust and rely upon CreditVest’s analysis.
Realty Mentors now offers that analysis to you.

New Opportunities

With the passing of the JOBS Act in 2012, crowdfunding has created an entirely new way to both fund and invest in commercial real estate. Investing in crowdfunded commercial real estate allows individual investors an opportunity to diversify and control their investment portfolios in ways previously unavailable.

As crowdfunded commercial real estate has evolved into a legitimate investment vehicle, a question and problem became apparent.

Who can an individual investor turn to for expert advice when evaluating a commercial real estate investment opportunity?

  • If an investor wants to invest in traditional securities such as stocks and bonds, there are countless companies offering such guidance. However, the vast majority of traditional financial advisors simply do not possess the experience or expertise to competently analyze commercial real estate investment opportunities.
  • At the same time, top level commercial real estate finance professionals have not typically offered their guidance to the general population.

The realization outlined above represented the “lightbulb” moment for the founders of Realty Mentors!

Realty Mentors aims to enable every investor to have access to unbiased,
professional advice about commercial real estate investments.

Realty Mentors was founded as an affiliate company of CreditVest by Andrea Humphrey and Jon Mauro, the respective President and Vice President of CreditVest. Andrea and Jon have spent their entire careers serving institutional clients. Realty Mentors represents their opportunity to share everything they’ve learned with individual investors seeking a prudent manner to add commercial real estate to their investment portfolio. Andrea and Jon want to serve as the bridge between the individual investor and responsible commercial real estate investing.

Realty Mentors mission is to provide best-in-class commercial real estate analysis to the individual investor.


Andrea Humphrey

Andrea Humphrey is a co-founder of Realty Mentors, LLC and is also the Owner and President of CreditVest, Inc. Graduating from Grove City College summa cum laude with a degree in mathematics, Andrea’s journey in commercial real estate began soon thereafter when she was hired by CreditVest. Andrea entered the world of commercial real estate as an analyst and found that there was a fascinating industry behind the scenes of our everyday lives ranging from the retail stores we shop in to the apartments we live in. Andrea’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge paved the way for her steady career advancement and exposed her to a variety of positions and unique client experiences.

Over the course of her career, Andrea has been able to engage in the real estate analysis process from many different vantage points, including prior to loan origination when a lender offers funding terms, to later in a loan’s lifecycle when an outside institution purchases a loan as part of a Wall Street bond offering. Andrea has experience with real estate loans of all sizes and types, including loans structured for acquisitions, refinances and rehabilitation projects. Utilizing her expertise in mathematics and astute sense for practicality, Andrea excels at the intricacies involved in analyzing commercial real estate and the associated cash flows.

As she rose to owner and President of CreditVest, Andrea discovered that her passion for helping people grow and reach their highest potential enabled her to effectively lead in the workplace and gain a sense of personal fulfillment. This passion was evident even in the early years of her career as Andrea pursued her calling for serving others in her personal life. For over a decade, she has been involved in serving her community through her church, a diverse urban Christian organization that has partnered with the local community for many years to bring new life to a blighted area. In this same community, Andrea volunteers with a non-profit group using music and the arts as an avenue to make a difference in the lives of under-privileged children. Today, in addition to serving in her community, Andrea uses these teaching and development skills as well as her experience in commercial real estate to lead a team of real estate professionals at CreditVest.

With a desire to teach and support others as they embark on their own journeys in commercial real estate, Andrea is always encouraging new ideas and seeks ways to share the knowledge she has gained over the course of her career. Realty Mentors was therefore a natural fit in bringing this experience to a wider audience and serving a broader community. Andrea is excited to use the commercial real estate expertise she has developed to enable individuals to invest with greater confidence.

Jon Mauro

Jon Mauro is a co-founder of Realty Mentors, LLC and also serves as a Vice President at CreditVest, Inc. Jon’s financial career began in the late 90’s after graduating from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA where he earned First-Team All-Conference honors as a free safety on the varsity football team. After graduating from F&M as a dean’s list student, Jon spent several years working in the financial industry in Philadelphia, PA. He worked for a mutual fund company right out of school and then mastered the cut-throat world of equity options floor trading just as the dot-com boom was in full swing. Jon moved back to his hometown of Pittsburgh shortly after September 11th, started a family and enrolled in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh where he earned an MBA in Finance.

After spending many years in the financial services business, Jon made the decision to switch gears and apply his financial education and experience to a different asset class, commercial real estate. Jon acquired a Pennsylvania real estate salesperson license and began to learn everything he could about commercial real estate. He was offered a position with CreditVest where he worked his way up from the bottom by learning all the nuts and bolts of analyzing commercial real estate transactions.

As the debt crisis of 2007/08 took hold, Jon diversified his experience when he accepted a position working in commercial real estate leasing and sales. This put Jon on the front lines of the transactions he had previously analyzed. This experience was invaluable and led to an opportunity working for a regional bank headquartered in Pittsburgh, where Jon served as a lending officer, originating and structuring new loans for the bank’s largest real estate transactions. This experience offered another fresh vantage point on everything he had previously learned. In 2013, Jon returned to CreditVest as Vice President to assume a senior role in growing the company. Since then, Jon has worked as part of the CreditVest team analyzing and consulting on some the country’s most sophisticated real estate transactions.

Today Jon has two children to keep him busy when he isn’t pursuing his dream of making Realty Mentors into the highest quality provider of commercial real estate advice. He also enjoys homebrewing craft beer and playing electric guitar.

So how does this all relate to Realty Mentors? Jon would answer that question by insisting that Realty Mentors represents the culmination of a 20 year career in finance. Jon brings both an understanding of the financial advisory industry as well as an expert eye for commercial real estate analysis. The marriage of the two represents the foundation of Realty Mentors.

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