How Realty Mentors Works

How Realty Mentors Works

The popular perception among many people is that real estate is a solid investment. But how do you determine which investment is the right one for you? Realty Mentors assists prospective commercial real estate investors by creating insightful detailed reports about chosen investment opportunities. From experienced investors to beginners, anyone can reap the benefits of a comprehensive analysis crafted by an informed, educated and experienced expert.

How Can You Find the Right Investments?

There are countless investments available for an individual investor or investment company. With that in mind, it’s not always cost-effective or prudent to perform all of your analysis on your own. Independent third-party insights are incredibly valuable; not only do they come from an experienced perspective, but they may have knowledge regarding factors of which you may be unaware.

When considering crowdfunding investments, Realty Mentors can provide an in-depth three to five-page analysis report. This analysis report will include the property data, as well as the deal structure and strengths/risks of the opportunity.

When considering investments, Realty Mentors can provide an in-depth three to five-page analysis report. This analysis report will include the property data, as well as what the investor can expect to invest, and when they can expect to receive their investment back per the contract terms.

These reports are versatile. As independent, third-party reports, they can be used at any stage of consideration. This reporting can be used in the preliminary stages, before your own due diligence, to pare down investments to the ones that are most likely to yield successes for your business. This reporting can also be used in later stages, as supplemental and supporting information to help ensure you that the investment is solid with an appropriate risk/return profile.

Realty Mentors is able to isolate factors in an investment that could represent risk, in addition to factors that could be used to potentially mitigate that risk. Overall, the report provided by Realty Mentors will give investors a good idea of whether or not the project is a solid one.

What’s Included in the Report?

  • Relevant property data. Perfect for at-a-glance comparison, the report will begin with data regarding the property, investment terms, and fee structures.
  • Sources and uses. An illustration that details how the project is going to be financed and how the investment dollars are going to be used.
  • Strengths and weaknesses. A comprehensive and educated breakdown of the weaknesses and strengths of the individual project.
  • Recommendations. Expert recommendations from Realty Mentors regarding the risk and reward of this investment.


Whether you’ve already been investing in real estate for some time or you’re just getting started, Realty Mentors can help. Contact us today to find out more about our consulting services and to get advice on any projects under current consideration. You’ll get a detailed overview that you can use to make the most informed decision.

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