Who is Realty Mentors?

Who is Realty Mentors?

Realty Mentors has a history spanning back to 1991 when CreditVest began offering real estate consulting services to government entities and institutional lenders. Through CreditVest, these public and private lenders can better understand the assets being used as collateral and the associated risks, determining whether they are prudent loans and/or investments. In 2017, key personnel at CreditVest founded Realty Mentors, an affiliate company intended to aid individual investors in commercial real estate investing, primarily commercial real estate crowdfunding opportunities.

The Story of Realty Mentors

Many individuals aspire to invest in commercial real estate, but commercial real estate is a unique type of investment. Some commercial real estate investments offer great stability and reliable income while others are speculative and high on the risk spectrum. In order to determine the risk factors involved, you need to know about everything, from the local market to the overall global market conditions. Real estate investment consultants have to be aware of everything from the construction of a project to its marketability.

Because real estate investments require this in-depth knowledge, many individuals are ill-suited to identify solid prospects on their own. This is where Realty Mentors comes in. Realty Mentors offers seasoned expertise on the commercial real estate investment market to help individuals in isolating the most promising investment opportunities. Through experience and knowledge, Realty Mentors can break down investments into easily understood, dynamic reports, all of which can be used to guide investors towards the best crowdfunding projects.


In 2017, Realty Mentors was created as an affiliate of CreditVest, designed to give individual, independent investors the power and control over their commercial investments that governments and lending institutions had been using for years.

How Realty Mentors Can Help You

Realty Mentors was designed to give individual, independent investors similar power and control over their real estate investment choices that government entities and lending institutions have been using for years. Through Realty Mentors, anyone can receive solid, comprehensive analysis on the investments that they’re considering — and begin investing in the commercial real estate market.

The commercial real estate market offers many unique opportunities for investors, but without a foundational knowledge, investors may not be able to identify the best opportunities. Investors who are already interested in the real estate market and who are looking at specific investments can contact Realty Mentors for an overview of the projects that they are considering. Realty Mentors will then distill the projects into the core aspects that determine its potential risk and its potential reward.

Backed with decades of experience in the industry, Realty Mentors is standing by to help individual investors with their investment needs. Contact us at Realty Mentors today to begin investing.